Museo Provincial de Lugo

The Provincial Museum of Lugo is a museum founded by the Lugo Provincial Council in 1932.

The first headquarters of the museum was established in the Pazo de San Marcos, under the direction of Luis López Martí, with several rooms in which different archaeological, historical and artistic materials were exhibited.

In 1957, it was decided to change the location, since the space dedicated to its original headquarters became too small due to the continuous increase in funds. The chosen place was the old convent of San Francisco, which was remodeled and expanded by the architect Manuel Gómez Román, who was inspired by the structure of the Galician pazos for the design of the new building. Of the rooms of the convent it conserves the kitchen, the refectory (both from the 18th century) and the cloister (from the 15th century).

On March 1, 1962, the Lugo Provincial Museum received the declaration of Asset of Cultural Interest.

In 1983, the ethnographic material that the Museum had was transferred to the Ethnographic and Historical Museum of San Paio de Narla in Friol, thus becoming the ethnography section of the Provincial Museum of Lugo.

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