Serie flexiones, 1975

Museo Ángel Mateos (Sala 1)

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With this series entitled FLEXIONES, Mateos continues the research begun in the previous series, in which he uses the plane as the element that generates form.

Mateos starts from an initial plane, now of uniform thickness, which he curves gently, taking advantage of the cuts he has previously made, to break it in the opposite direction. With this series, the origin of the form, the single plane, and its simple logic of cutting and bending, is now much more evident.

Formally, it is a series in which the curved line plays a leading role, something unusual in Mateos's work, and in which concrete shows its plasticity in a special way: it becomes ductile, mouldable, adapting to the function and converting the form into a continuous whole not exempt from a certain sensuality.

Serie flexiones, 1975

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