Burgos Castle

Cerro de San Miguel, Burgos

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Burgos Castle is a fortress located in the Spanish city of Burgos. It is located at the top of the Castle Hill, 75 m above the level of the city.

The first tower was erected by Count Diego Porcelos at the time of the Reconquest in 884. As the importance of the defensive site increased, it gave way to a castle and more complex defensive elements.

Recent archaeological excavations have uncovered the remains of the South Gate. This is a broken wall, open to an opening flanked by two semi-circular towers. The main gate, which opens on the northwest front, has a vaulted passageway.

As part of the underground complex, the well (popularly known as the Moor's Cave) has galleries more than 300 m long. It dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries, although the first records date back to 1475, during the siege by the troops of Isabella the Catholic, an episode in the war of succession to the throne, when it was defended by the supporters of Juana la Beltraneja.

A fire in 1736 destroyed the interior, beams, ceilings and coffered ceilings. During the War of Independence, the city regained its strategic position and the French carried out a short-lived refurbishment that led to a major transformation of the complex.

During the rest of the 19th century it was used sporadically during the Carlist wars. Eduardo de Oliver Copons wrote a book about the fortification at the end of the 19th century.

The castle was also used throughout the civil war of 1936, when the city's anti-aircraft defence was installed there.

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