Museo Casa Botines Gaudí

Pl. de S. Marcelo, 5, León

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The Botines house or Fernández y Andrés house is a modernist style building.

It was originally a commercial warehouse and private residence. Built and designed by the architect Antoni Gaudí between 1891 and 1892, it is one of three works by him outside of Catalonia, together with the Episcopal Palace of Astorga - also in the province of León - and El Capricho de Comillas, in Cantabria.

It is located next to the Guzmanes Palace and next to the Plaza de Santo Domingo, a meeting place between the old town and the Ensanche.

It was restored in 1953 and, in 1969, it was declared a Historic Monument of Cultural Interest.

The term Casa Botines derives from the surname of the founder of the company, Juan Homs y Botines, a businessman and merchant of Catalan origin settled in the Leonese capital. His partners Mariano Andrés González-Luna and Simón Fernández Fernández were responsible for commissioning the house from Gaudí.

This work belongs to Gaudí's neo-Gothic period (1888-1898), a period in which the architect was inspired above all by medieval Gothic art, which he freely and personally assumed, trying to improve his structural solutions. The neo-Gothic was at that time one of the most successful historicist styles, especially as a result of the theoretical studies of Viollet-le-Duc.

Gaudí studied Catalan, Balearic and Roussillon Gothic in depth, as well as Leonese and Spanish in his stays in León and Burgos, and came to the conviction that it was an imperfect style, half resolved. In his works of this time he eliminated the need for buttresses by using ruled surfaces and eliminated excessive crests and drafts.

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